Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ker Ching!

Bridget Riordan is a formidable woman.

When I first met her I was a little bit in awe of the sheer force of her personality - she is very much someone who believes in saying what she thinks, and has no fear of who hears her. But she has an absolute heart of gold, would do anything for you and is totally front and centre when it comes to fund raising for the charity she works for.

So the Malin to Mizen run was always going to be an opportunity for her to show just how good she is!

Now one of the (many) things I have learned about Bridget is that it is very hard to say no to her. Mainly because she won't listen to no one but instead keeps going until you say yes! So it didn't surprise any of us when she landed into the Carers Offices on the Dock Road in Limerick with an idea to raise money...

At this stage we are fighting on two fronts - we want to create a bit of a "buzz" around a world record attempt but we also need to make sure that this is a financial success. Bridget - as usual - had a great idea. She had booked a slot packing shopping bags in a major local supermarket. It was a great opportunity to promote the charity and it's services as well as telling people all about Jo and what she was attempting to do.

"The response has been phenomenal" a volunteer reported afterwards. "We had staff from all around Limerick City & County volunteer to man the bag pack and everyone we spoke to about the run was totally behind it and just amazed at what Jo is attempting to do"

So good news on getting people talking, but how did the fund raising part go?

How does an extra €1,310 for the fund-raising pot sound?!

A huge thank you to Bridget and to all the people who helped and contributed, both financially and their time, it was really appreciated.

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