Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reality Check!

Last Thursday Jo and her husband Niall paid a visit to our offices in Limerick. We sat down to plan in detail the support that Jo will need, the route and generally the plans in fine detail it was, shall we say- sobering!

Jo will need to eat every 5k that she runs and each time she will have different requirements. On top of that there will be pills and potions all designed to legally (!) maximise Jo's performance and prevent injury over the long, hard 5 days.

Still, she won't be alone, she will be well supported. Andrew and I will be with her from start to finish, Niall will join us in Athlone and there will be numerous friends and runners joining at different stages of the route to support and encourage Jo.

So now there is only 4 days left. In the remaining time I am sure there will be many more media interviews for Jo, photo requests and general mental and physical preparation - lets not forget that whilst this is a physical challenge for her, she will also need to be prepared mentally and carry on in-spite of the voices in her head telling her to stop!
Now the pressure is on, everything is organised and we really need to step up our fundraising efforts and ask you to please dig deep, encourage Jo by sponsoring her and also show your support for the Carers Association. Remember, if you care for someone, who will care for you?

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