Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We have a home!

Well as you know David from Vanderlust was the very first person to step up with an offer of help and he is giving us - free of charge - a HUGE 6 berth camper van for the duration of the trip. Steff (my wife and the Manager of the Limerick & North Tipperary Carers Association) and I went out to the Vanderlust offices in Ennis for a bit of a look and we are really delighted with what David has sorted out for us.

The camper looks like it could have been built for the job - plenty of room for us to chat to journalists, supporters, fundraisers and collectors in the main cabin and lots of storage space in the back for all the food supplies we are going to be taking. There is also plenty of sleeping space - obviously we are still working on sorting out hotel accommodation for Jo (and a huge thanks to the hotels that have already come on board; or bed and board!) but it's good to have a fall back. And of course it has a small but fully functioning kitchen so no excuses for not cooking up pots and pots of lovely pasta...

As for other stuff provisional placing look like they are placing Jo as the 10th woman home in the Great Limerick Run marathon. The main focus in the training at the moment is lots of long slow miles, back to back long runs and really just getting the body used to running and maintaining an even pace even when tired. Plans are also being drawn up around how to best maintain fuel and hydration and again all of this will need to be tested before the day.

In other news we had a really good time working the Limerick Expo and hope to have some really exciting sponsors confirmed in the next few days; injury prevention products, energy drinks and a shiny bike so that we can keep up with Jo, should all be in place by this time next week!

Anything else?

Of course!

Plans for a big party in Nenagh the day that Jo gets there are well advanced. Organised by Anna, a member of Steff's staff. Music, a meet and greet with Jo and the rest of the team and maybe even a bit of of raffle or competition are all planned. We have bucket collectors lining up at various locations and we are hopeful that a local emergency service might even do a sponsored car wash (this may be one for the ladies!)

As always this is aimed at raising vital funds for Carers - every penny raised will go directly to the charity as all costs are either being covered by sponsors or directly by Jo. And just €75 will provide almost 5 hours of respite care for a family Carer, something that they literally couldn't put a price on.

So please grab your credit card and head on over to our charity page!


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