Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some quick clarifications

Wow, talk about a media whirlwind! The support from the press has been great but unfortunately sometimes when sub editors get hold of things they can make small changes that can have unintended changes in meaning. It seems that has happened, in at least one press report we saw yesterday it was reported that Jo will be the first person to run Malin to Mizen

This is not the case!

M2M run has been completed by many people, several of whom either run / walked or ran. Jo is hopefully going to be the first person to set a Guinness World Record. This is a very, very important distinction. There have been any number of talented people who's footsteps we are following in, the key difference with us is that we are documenting to the GWR verification standards, not least so that a consistent benchmark and measure can be laid down that others can compare and in time (but hopefully not too soon!) beat our marker.

Lastly it has been brought to my attention that a lady called Jane Porter has already run Malin to Mizen. This is information that didn't turn up in our research for this project. If anyone has further details on Janes run it would be great if you could get in touch so that we can update all the press releases and make sure we are clear and accurate going forward. In fact if Jane herself could give us a shout it would be brilliant as we can make sure we have all the info direct, so if anyone knows her please let her know we are looking for her.



  1. Hi Guys this is amazing stuff well done, just a point Jane Porter is from enniscorthy in wexford and chir person of slaney olympic ac, on the imra web site is a account of her run with her husband Grahem and a friend . hope that info helps, best of luck with the effort just wish i was off to run a few miles with her .N

  2. Hi Jane Porter here. Yes myself and Graham (now my husband but not at the time! I was known as Jane Watt then) did Malin Mizen in 2001 in a leisurely (didn't feel leisurely at the time) 7 days, 9 hours 36 minutes and 36 seconds.

    We would like to wish Jo all the best and good luck with the record. We will be following her progress with great interest..hope she is coping with the heat..unreal isn't it.

    Will be happy to chat with you and offer all our support and encouragement.
    You can call me at 0876799490 at whatever time suits you.
    Jane and Graham

  3. Passed on your info to Jane, she said she's been following your progress and would give a bell.

    (The account on is actually of their run the breadth of Ireland (Bray Head Wicklow-Bray Head Kerry)

  4. Hi Jane, thanks for that!

    I'll pass on your good wishes to Jo who is sound asleep at the moment! I sent you an email earlier on today,before I saw this message. I'll bet you felt every one of those last 36 seconds!