Thursday, May 20, 2010

M2M - minus 1...

Well *that* was a long day. And we haven't even started running yet!

Up and out to Garveys SuperValu in Corbally, Limerick first thing today. They have been brilliant and handed over a four foot high stack of groceries. Then off to David in Vanderlust again for the Camper collection. Poor Steff had coniptions at first getting used to the size of it but soon settled into a rhythm.

We stopped in Bunratty for Tom of who not only handed over a bike but entrusted one of his own cycles to me. I think it's an old one but I still feel honoured! Not so enamoured with the (very small) saddle which makes me think that running may be more comfortable... Tom is also a running coach so he had a lot of valuable advice for me on how I should manage the mileage I'll be doing and structure it into my training.

Down to Richardson Fresh Fruit for a huge box of apples, bananas and oranges and then we hit the road.

In truth the camper was a lot faster than we had expected. Was this down to Davids excellent camper van stock or Steff getting the hang of it so quickly?

Quick pit stop at my Parents in Donegal and off to Derry to collect Jo and a quick photo call with the press (she'll be a professional model by the time this is all over)

After that it was a short run to the excellent Seaview Tavern. The staff have been brilliant phoning us to make sure we knew where we were going and keeping the Restaurant open late so we could eat. And now Jo is in bed, Steff is setting up the camper and I am sleepy...

Apart from that it was a frantic round of phone calls and last minute organising. Thankfully there were no serious last minute glitches and it looks like we are all systems go. Tomorrow morning at 5:45 Jo sets out to attempt to establish a Guinness World Record for runing from Malin Head to Mizen Head. Updates as we go!

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  1. best of luck guys, see you in the midlands on sunday!