Wednesday, May 19, 2010

M2M - 2 days

When we woke up this morning we had 48 hours before the while thing kicks off. A bit less actually because we are planning on starting at 5:45am and I don't wake up at that time normally - Steff has recently though, in a cold sweat and whimpering about needing more baskets of fruit or getting lost....!

I have far and away the easiest job (Jo keeps trying to give me graphic descriptions of what this could do to her insides and how as support I'll have to deal with it but I'm not listening). All I've had to do over the last day or so is listen to the (long) lists of stuff that needs to be packed and jobs and tasks being ticked off. Steff has been running around like a hyperactive bunny. You wouldn't believe the sheer amount of stuff that is needed but on the left there you can see the initial pile. This is the sports nutrition, water, some (not all!) of Jo's packing and sports kit, collection buckets and Hi-Vis vests. Not included is my running gear, the bike, my clothes, Steff's clothes, the food, the fruit... It all reminds me of that scene in Jaws where Brody says "I think we need a bigger boat"!

And Jo? Well apart from a couple of cycles to stretch her legs she is in taper mode; that means resting up and ensuring that all the little niggles have time to heal. At this stage it's all nerves and energy - worry if we have the right food strategy, the best route, concern about our ability to follow that route down country roads and through busy towns with camper van and runners intact. And a fear that we all share; that 5 days with Jo, Niall, myself and Steff (four fairly strong personalities, it must be said) all in close proximity and in testing conditions could lead to a fall out of nuclear proportions!

I keep telling Steff that what's done is done and nothing we do now will have a huge impact on how this all pans out. Now we relax and rest ready for Silly AM on Friday. And I'm saying, don't worry, it will be an adventure. Of course last time I told her that we got stranded in Holland and ended up sleeping in a hotel above a building she suspects may have been a brothel...

But this will be better than that!

Won't it???

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