Monday, May 24, 2010

A word from Niall...

Ok the personal report from today. Just my ramblings.

We got up and headed to the start and Joanne and I along with Sinead on a bike pushed
out some nice miles. We were met by Sarah who also was on a bike and it all went well
till the sun came up. It got even hotter than yesterday. High twenties and at one stage
it hit 30 deg in Athlone we think. Long before Athlone we had issues with the heat so Jo
stopped in Ballymahon between Longford and Athlone for a nap.

After the nap all went well for awhile

The feet were in a bad way from the pounding and all the blisters and the started
getting worse, a trend that my rusty knife and I arrested. I am not sure how much more
of this heat we can actually take. If we had wanted heat then we would have planned to
run in July. I have a lovely photo of the underside of Joannes runners with so much
tarmac attached to the sole that they started to resemble the road. All from a little
heat this weekend.

As the day wore on and we wore out, I went off to recon the route through Athlone by
bike. I made it back to meet the first carload of Cork people to turn up. My father had
decide it was time to show his face and I didn't pre warn our victim (ahem) athlete. It
gave a much needed boost and she was then joined by a couple of Army marathon runners
(Pat/ Jimmy and Tom) who took turns keeping Joanne company. I was wrecked and needed the
support and I left Steff and Andrew the job of training in the newbies.

By now we had made it to the other side of Athlone and the second Cork carload arrived.
Don, Lisa and clan had landed and spent a few hours treating Joanne like royalty.
Complete with a golf umbrella over her head. Everyone who arrived today brought
something to the game. And we needed it.

After making it as far as Doon we had to call it a day. 'Only' 70km done today. I never
thought that would sound bad (ONLY). We are now around 290km into the run and we are
already a day or more down (slower). Any harder in this heat would have resulted in a
premature end to Joanne's run.

Now the plan is to survive! Pure and simple. Hold the feet together and make it home.
After today we had a Carer's fund raising do. The line of well wishers picked up
spirits, people who genuinely needed this money to support others, helping them to care
was a huge boost.

Something as simple as a child realizing nothing is impossible or looking at a big map
of Ireland. Seeing not the long road but sections of roads traveled, identified by the
strangers that surrounded you, picks up the lone runner's spirits. You would be
surprised how the little things count.

Onward and downward.

PS: Sorry for not updating facebook or answering text messages. It is just so much
effort keeping it together as the support team that I just can't get around to you all.
I will try though. I have passed on all the wishes to Joanne.

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  1. joanne well done hun and keep going for as long as u can ,,i could never acheve wat u have just did i think that you are a star ,,while bucket collecting in limerick after 3 hours my feet ached and i thought of you staight away of how your feet must be ,,well done xx